Nutritional Cleansing

Would you like to …

  • have more energy?
  • lose centimetres and kilos?
  • build lean muscle?
  • age healthily?
  • sleep better?

Nutritional cleansing can help.

Talk to Rosie Hansen, our Nutritional Cleanse Coach, and find out if nutritional cleansing is for you.


Nutritional Cleansing is a safe, healthy and natural way to achieve a healthier, leaner body. It’s simple and makes so much sense. So many of us are living with toxic bodies which prevents us from achieving good health and wellbeing.

Nutritional cleansing enables your body to detoxify and release unwanted impurities and fat aiding in long-term weight loss and weight stability. When combined with a nutrients-dense, reduced calorie meal and regular exercise it can help you arrive at a healthy weight.

Whether you want to give your body an overdue cleanse, lose a few kilos, have more energy, feel stronger and healthier, please come along to Neutral Bay Health & Wellbeing and talk to Rosie Hansen, our Nutritional Cleanse Coach.

To make an appointment phone 9953 8503 or attend an upcoming information evening.

Do you love yourself enough to make the change?