”Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“ – Hippocrates

We have all heard it before, but the simplest and most effective way to look after our health is to consistently eat well, be active and exercise, and look after our happiness and emotional life.

Most of our nutritional needs can be obtained from our diet. This however, is often disregarded. By eating well, we can support our digestive system and by doing so help maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals, provide us with a great source of nutrition and can help to assist in digestion, maintaining and managing a healthy blood pressure, promote healthy skin, and support management of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, or immune conditions such as lupus or polymyalgia Rheumatic. In more complex conditions such as chronic fatigue and IBS, nutrition and a well-managed diet play an important role in their resolution.

Certain foods can block nutritional absorption and sensitivities to others, may cause discomfort. The techniques we use at NBCHW can make it easier to pinpoint and determine what specific foods a patient should be eating or avoiding.

Digestive issues and chronic fatigue can be part of a broader set of imbalances contributing to ill health. This is where our skills at NBCHW are incredibly valuable. We assess both structure and neurological involvement in the digestive system in conjunction with chemical and emotional problems.

Using nutritional energy balancing techniques we help the body release blockages in the meridians that may be impeding full absorption of vital nutrients. If it is appropriate we provide natural supplements to aid the body towards the best recovery.

At our clinic we work with you to help lead you to living the most fundamental and nutritionally balanced lifestyle by formulating specific and targeted treatment to restore good health and help controlling pathological and lifestyle conditions.