Cranial Therapy

The cranial bones are the bones making up the skull and like most bones of the body, they can move.

Movement of these bones follows a rhythmic pattern with the sacrum as a membranous layer known as the Dura Mater connects them. This rhythmic movement of the craniosacral system creates the environment for the central nervous system (Brain and spinal cord) and therefore affects the functioning of the entire body.

If there is a restriction within this system there will be less freedom of movement resulting in pressure on the nervous system and the potential for dysfunction that may affect every part of the body.

Craniopathy is a very specific, gentle and safe technique that corrects restrictions within the craniosacral system. It is a hand-on approach using gentle pressure by the fingertips internally in the mouth and externally on the head and neck with assisted breathing, to promote freedom of movement and optimal functioning.

After a good cranial correction is made, patients report feeling lighter and more relaxed in a way they have never experienced before. Often the body is now open to further adjusting that previously may never have been successful.

It is a technique that is suitable and safe for patients of any age, from babies to the elderly and especially those who are sensitive to stronger techniques.

Children in particular find cranial adjusting enjoyable. To them it appears to be magic as the correction is so light but still enables their bodies change and respond.

Craniopathy facilitates lasting changes in our health and the improvement drives us towards reaching a complete state of balance.