Our body is our home.

Our body is our home.

Our body is our home.

It is the one place we are responsible for.

How we live, the relationships we experience, how we relate, where we work, eat etc. all determine the state of our home.

Our body is our map.

It tells us the stories we believe, the beliefs we hold and leads the way. It cries when it is in pain and it feels light and abundant when we experience love. It is always in constant communication with us, telling us where we stand in the realm of balance.

How comfortable or uncomfortable we are in our home determines our ability to experience allowing or limiting actions to bring about the changes we wish to be in our world.

Kinesiology is about homeostasis – balance – that being, our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual parts being in balance. It is about finding the sweet spot between all three. Where things just flow.

It is not a magic answer and it is not something you ‘receive’ but an offering of support where you are part of the process in bringing your body back home – back to balance – so you can hear your own answers and experience ease in your world.

The most common misconception I see is that we can ‘do it all’.

We forget that yes, while the world we live in presents us with many opportunities and yes, we are capable what is important to you and in what state are you are going to get there?

Joy and living a balanced life means different things to different people. For some, it is a top flying corporate career for others, joy is found in raising a family.

Above all, it is about finding what does it for you.

Whatever legend you are deciding to live, I implore you to be connected to the body that is your home. Hear the signals it is giving you.

Learning to listen to my body (Kinesiology) has been one of my greatest teachers; it has never led me astray.

It is time to get in tune with our home the wisdom within.


Article written by our Kinesiologist Amanda Schembri