Narelle Kennedy adds Kahuna Massage techniques and Reflexology to Remedial Massage

Narelle Kennedy adds Kahuna Massage techniques and Reflexology to Remedial Massage

It’s always very inspiring for me when I attend courses to enhance my massage skills.

My most recent courses were Hawaiian massage for Remedial Massage Therapists and Hand Reflexology.

When I studied Foot Reflexology I decided there were many occasions whereby Hand Reflexology would have been a useful option.

I have received all of these treatments in the past and loved the results each time.

The long strokes and nurturing nature of Hawaiian massage, also known as Kahuna massage or Lomi Lomi, has a very therapeutic and long lasting effect.

This style of massage sends caring and healing energy to the person receiving it.

It enhances a remedial massage as it not only works on physical conditions, but also on the mind and spirit.

The body feels more balanced, tension is released and better circulation is achieved as the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems are stimulated.

To finish the treatment head and face massage is a soothing accompaniment.

I use other techniques including trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage if necessary for areas of the body that need more attention.

The feedback so far is that the clients feel taller as tension in the body is released.

At the same time the client feels very relaxed.

Reflexology has been part of ancient medical traditions in Egypt and China for thousands of years.

The theory is that there are 10 energy zones running through the body from head to toe and head to hand. Energy flows through these zones, also known as meridians.

Using Reflexology techniques in these zones will stimulate an organ or gland in the same zone.

Among the many added benefits the treatment improves blood flow throughout the body.

Reflexology also induces a state of deep relaxation and improved body function.

If a client has a foot injury, Hand Reflexology is the best alternative to Foot Reflexology and will achieve the same benefits.

Clients who are elderly, or have sensitive feet and other foot problems would enjoy the soothing effects of this type of treatment.


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