Margaret Madden

Margaret Madden

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Meditation and Reiki practitioner

margaret-madden-neutral-bay-health-wellbeingOver 15 years at the Centre, Margaret has seen many changes in her practice.

  • There are many more men coming to therapy than there were 10 – 15 years ago.
  • Some people are aware sooner of the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress and are seeking techniques to manage it.
  • There is a greater awareness of the role our psychology plays on our overall health.
  • Counselling has been normalised and people are more willing to seek counselling or psychotherapy.
  • People often say they would not have considered therapy 10 years ago.

Traditionally when people were ill they went to the Doctor for medical assistance but not sought psychological support.

When do people see Margaret

My clients are people who are predominantly experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or low self-worth and confidence.

Some clients can be experiencing difficulties in their important relationships, perhaps with their partner, children, colleagues or friends.

Margaret uses a combination of skills

” General counselling can help people with conflict resolution, communication styles, anxiety and anxiety disorders, depression and stress.

Whereas psychotherapy relates to deeper complex issues and can greatly assist in identifying and treating attachment issues, family dynamics, individual relating styles, trauma, beliefs about self, insecurity and family dynamics.”

Often Margaret will offer Reiki

“I offer Reiki to let my clients experience relaxation, it gives them the chance to slow down, giving them tools to be mindful and stay in the present moment”.

Meditation and Mindfulness

“I have studied Mindfulness and Meditation skills. It is well researched and known that it is very beneficial in reducing stress and enabling wellbeing. It is effective as a complementary practice to reduce relapses of depression and anxiety.”

Sessions with Margaret

Generally, when a new client comes to see Margaret and it’s established that their particular issue is impacting on their quality of life, Margaret recommends regular sessions, weekly or fortnightly. Many clients will then return for further counselling from time to time, checking in when they feel like they need to get back on track.

“I have great satisfaction seeing people recover and transform. Understanding all they layers of the human condition and the mind is fascinating.”

Medicare rebates are available

Once clients are referred by their GPs, Medicare covers a significant part of the fee for the first 10 sessions.

For more information – Call the centre on 9953 8503