Hip Pain Relief |Remedial Massage Case Study

Hip Pain Relief |Remedial Massage Case Study

Tightness in left shoulder and hip, relieved through Remedial Massage.

CASE STUDY –   55 year-old Counsellor / Educator


I first met my client when she booked her first massage at our Centre in November 2006, complaining of tightness in her left shoulder and left hip.

SYMPTOMS: My patient was complaining of tightness in her left shoulder, but of most concern was pain in the left hip. She decided to incorporate massage with physiotherapy for her shoulder. She was given strengthening exercises for her upper back by the physiotherapist. She wanted to have massages for her hip as the muscles were very tight and knew massage could help. Whilst working long hours, sitting at a desk or standing in front of students she developed a lot more tension in the hip than when she was not at work. The hip joint would get “stuck” when travelling long distances, sitting on floor for a extended periods of time or standing for too long.


She was having massages every 2 to 3 weeks for shoulder and hip. A regular exercise regime was suggested, especially walking. It helped with pain management and building strength. She also wanted to build strong bones so she used small hand weights in a variety of arm positions when her shoulder had recovered. We monitored the regime to make sure this didn’t aggravate her shoulder. It had recovered by then. She used a hot wheat bag whilst sitting at night and on rising in the morning for her hip to help with circulation. I suggested a range of exercises for the lower back, buttock muscles, hip flexor, quadriceps and hamstrings to maintain flexibility in the joints. I suggested a strengthening exercise regime to help improve posture and reduce the tension in the lower back and hips. I also offered some nutritional tips and advice to complement the treatment.


She has regular massages and meditates to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. She looks forward to her regular massages and meditation, as part of her healthy lifestyle regime, to compensate for her busy work schedule.


Written by Narelle Kennedy

Dip. Remedial Massage, Certificates in Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki, Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor and Ear Candling.

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