Are Essential Oils safe during pregnancy?

Are Essential Oils safe during pregnancy?

narelle-kennedy-neutral-bay-health-wellbeingWith some 16 years of experience treating pregnant women with massage, Neutral Bay Health and Wellbeing massage therapist Narelle Kennedy believes women can benefit by using Essential Oils in a healthy pregnancy, after the first trimester and during nursing.

Essential Oils need to be pure and natural, free of preservatives and are never to be taken orally or swallowed.

They are best used diluted to half normal strength i.e. 2 -3 drops to 10mls of carrier oil. Recommended carrier oils and creams include Jojoba, Shea butter and Cocoa butter.

Cypress Oil – useful for varicose veins and haemorrhoids. (use locally and diluted)

Mandarin Oil – treats stretch marks and enhances circulation and digestion.

Neroli Oil – a skin tranquiliser and helps with anxiety, depression and shock. It also helps to promote healthy skins cells and can be used for dry skin, scars, stretch marks and circulation.

Lavender Oil – to be used in the last trimester only and is energising, balancing, antiseptic, analgesic and helps prevent scar tissue. It can be used for insomnia, headache, eczema and during childbirth.

Geranium Oil – helps to relieve anxiety, stress and depression and improves circulation and respiration (late pregnancy)

Bergamot Oil – assists in easing depression, reduces stress and can enhance sleep. Direct sunlight must be avoided. (late pregnancy)

Rose Oil – can help with anger, intense emotions and hormonal balance after birth. (late pregnancy)

Jasmine Oil – useful during labour only.

Rosemary Oil – helpful after pregnancy for production and flow of breast milk.
IMPORTANT: This oil is NOT ADVISED for people with high blood pressure or epilepsy. Oil must be wiped away before breastfeeding.

The following Oils should NOT BE USED DURING PREGNANCY.

Basil, Cedarwood, Chamomile (Blue, Roman and Wild), Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Myrrh and Peppermint.

Essential oils can of course enhance a massage experience for everyone!!

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