Are you Magnesium Deficient?

Magnesium is a mineral used by every organ in your body, especially your heart, muscles, and kidneys. If you suffer from unexplained fatigue or weakness, abnormal heart rhythms or even muscle spasms and eye twitches, low levels of magnesium could be to blame.

A blood test may show a magnesium deficiency. But only 1 percent of magnesium in your body is distributed in your blood, making a simple sample of magnesium from a serum magnesium blood test not very useful.

Most magnesium is stored in your bones and organs, where it is used for many biological functions. Yet, it’s quite possible to be deficient and not know it, which is why magnesium deficiency has been dubbed the “invisible deficiency.”

Magnesium is also found in more than 300 different enzymes in your body and plays a role in your body’s detoxification processes, making it important for helping to prevent damage from environmental chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins. In addition, magnesium is necessary for:

  • Activating muscles and nerves
  • Creating energy in your body by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
  • Helping digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  • Serving as a building block for RNA and DNA synthesis
  • Acting as a precursor for neurotransmitters like serotonin

Early signs of magnesium deficiency include loss of appetite, headache, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. Magnesium may lead to and/or contribute to health issues such as:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Asthma
  • Bowel diseases
  • Cystitis Depression
  • Detoxification
  • Diabetes
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Insomnia
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Migraine
  • Musculoskeletal conditions (fibromyalgia, cramps, chronic back pain, etc.)
  • Osteoporosis.

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Hip Pain Relief |Remedial Massage Case Study

Tightness in left shoulder and hip, relieved through Remedial Massage.

CASE STUDY –   55 year-old Counsellor / Educator


I first met my client when she booked her first massage at our Centre in November 2006, complaining of tightness in her left shoulder and left hip.

SYMPTOMS: My patient was complaining of tightness in her left shoulder, but of most concern was pain in the left hip. She decided to incorporate massage with physiotherapy for her shoulder. She was given strengthening exercises for her upper back by the physiotherapist. She wanted to have massages for her hip as the muscles were very tight and knew massage could help. Whilst working long hours, sitting at a desk or standing in front of students she developed a lot more tension in the hip than when she was not at work. The hip joint would get “stuck” when travelling long distances, sitting on floor for a extended periods of time or standing for too long.


She was having massages every 2 to 3 weeks for shoulder and hip. A regular exercise regime was suggested, especially walking. It helped with pain management and building strength. She also wanted to build strong bones so she used small hand weights in a variety of arm positions when her shoulder had recovered. We monitored the regime to make sure this didn’t aggravate her shoulder. It had recovered by then. She used a hot wheat bag whilst sitting at night and on rising in the morning for her hip to help with circulation. I suggested a range of exercises for the lower back, buttock muscles, hip flexor, quadriceps and hamstrings to maintain flexibility in the joints. I suggested a strengthening exercise regime to help improve posture and reduce the tension in the lower back and hips. I also offered some nutritional tips and advice to complement the treatment.


She has regular massages and meditates to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. She looks forward to her regular massages and meditation, as part of her healthy lifestyle regime, to compensate for her busy work schedule.


Written by Narelle Kennedy

Dip. Remedial Massage, Certificates in Nutrition, Reflexology, Reiki, Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor and Ear Candling.

Health rebates available.


Restricted Shoulder Movement |Remedial Massage Case Study

Radio Producer’s severely restricted movement in left shoulder relieved through Remedial Massage.

CASE STUDY – JULIE STREET, 49-year-old radio producer


Severely restricted movement in left shoulder and shooting pain in upper left arm when reaching backwards or forwards.

SYMPTOMS: When I first consulted Catherine I was experiencing severe pain in my upper left arm which occurred whenever I extended my arm backwards or forwards. I was unable to reach my left arm behind my back to fasten my bra and could not raise it above my head at all. I also regularly woke with pain in my left shoulder whenever I slept on my left side during the night. I had been experiencing these symptoms for a few weeks and struggling to live with them, but secretly hoped (as we all do) that things would get better on their own. The day I actually called Catherine was when I reached forward to pull the passenger door of a car shut and felt as though my entire shoulder was about to lock. It was at that moment I knew I had to act. I called Catherine and she saw me within the hour.

EMOTIONAL BUILD-UP: I don’t think my shoulder and upper arm problem was ever caused by anything as obvious as a fall. I used to carry an extremely heavy bag on my right shoulder which I believe impacted the back of my neck over time and probably caused imbalance to my shoulders as a whole. I occasionally carried the bag on my left shoulder too and remember leaning down to let it slide to the floor one day, jerking my left shoulder uncomfortably ‘out of place’. 2015 was an extremely stressful year for me. I went back to studying full-time (while also juggling the demands of raising a 10-year-old), doing a course which was extremely challenging with a group of students half my age. Meanwhile, a construction site was going on right next door to my house with a full-scale demolition and rebuild taking place in what can only be described as a very fractious atmosphere with my neighbours. By the time I saw Catherine I’d say I was literally cracking up in both body and soul.


FIRST MASSAGE (30/11/2015): I found my first arm, neck and shoulder massage with Catherine quite tender, but the results I experienced over the following days were well worth the pain on the massage table. This is the text I sent Catherine the morning immediately after the massage:

Just slept for 36 hours ‘cos that’s what my body was crying out for. Much more flexibility this morning and pain nearly all gone… Thank you so much for the massage. I think it shifted a lot of emotion as well as muscles!!!

Over the following days I recovered a lot more freedom of movement in my left shoulder and it became less and less painful to sleep on my left side at night. My left arm still hurt when I reached forward for things and was still a bit restricted when I reached behind my back to fasten my bra. But it was a great relief to live a pain-free life when not making these movements.

SECOND MASSAGE (19/1/2016): I did a follow-up arm, neck and shoulder massage with Catherine in January as, while most of the pain in my left shoulder and upper arm had gone, I still felt as though some of my arm movements (particularly reaching above my head and behind my back) were restricted.

My follow-up massage with Catherine was a lot more enjoyable than the first. As a result of gentle but deep massage around the front of my shoulder and the back of my neck, my upper left arm and shoulder became a lot looser and I was able to raise my left arm much higher over my head. At the end of the session I was able to fasten my bra behind my back relatively easily.


In the days following the massage I was able to sleep on my left side without any problem whatsoever. My arm movements have become much freer and I no longer feel as though my left shoulder could lock at any moment. What’s more, reaching behind my back in the morning is now a real possibility. I realise that my left shoulder is not working to 100% of its capacity and it may require a few more massages to get it back to full working order. However, thanks to my new-found flexibility, I can put my hand on my heart and say I am amazed at the progress my left shoulder and upper arm have made in just two in-depth massages from Catherine. I’ve promised my body – and soul – they can have another one in a month!

Be Free… Unlock the Wisdom of Your Chakras

Chakras are the main energy centres of our body, thoughts and feelings.. Each chakra stimulates specific parts of the body and impacts our outlook on life. We can nourish and support these in many ways


Our natural state of being is perfect health, happiness and harmony.

When our chakras are in perfect balance life is fun, joyful, stress and worry free. We may feel like we are flowing with  life, rather than pushing against the tide. When life throughs challenges on our path the chakras can be pushed and pulled. That’s when it is time to energise them and get back on track.

The chakras are recognised across many cultures and practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and energy healing. These chakras are energy vortexes that can be seen and felt by people utilising their clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities.

Lets look at the 7 major chakras, what they represent and how you can support them.


BASE CHAKRA – Home. Money. Family.

Connect to nature strengthens a sense of saftey

A healthy base chakra helps us to feel safe in our life choices.

It relates to our thoughts and feelings about family, work, money, home – our fundamental needs. When these areas are healthy and feel supported, the base chakra is balanced. We may feel at secure, able to create an abundant life that meets our financial and material needs and desires. We trust people and trust the world. Our physical health is good. The bond with our family is strong. We enjoy a healthy connection to humanity and community. We are doing a job that we enjoy. We gain a true sense of  belonging to our environment and the world. The Base Chakra is positioned at the perineum / tail bone.

5 Signs your Base Chakra needs healing

  1. Disputes with family, property and money.
  2. Challenges obtaining work, dissatisfaction in your current role, or ambition driven by fear.
  3. An inability to focus, poor discipline, lethargic.
  4. Restlessness, escapism, moving or travelling frequently.
  5. IBS, over eating, addiction to material security, greed & hoarding.

Easy Healing Tips for the Base

  • Connect with the Earth, Garden without gloves. Get your fingers into the soil.
  • Take off your shoes and socks and squeeze your toes in the mud!
  • Address any financial concerns.
  • Connect with family in healthy ways that support you.

SACRAL CHAKRA – Creativity. Sensuality. Boundaries.

water is the elementof the sacral chakra

When the sacral chakra is strong, we enjoy good relationships with friends, colleagues and neighbours. We are comfortable in our sensuality and creativity. We may find it easy to let go of the need to hold on to or control situations. We feel free to have fun, experience joy. We are comfortable receiving from others and practice the ability to give to oneself without guilt.  It is the home of our confident, sexual expression.

It is ethereally located four finger widths below belly button. It effects the lower intestine, kidney, bladder, female reproductive system, lower back, sacrum, pelvis, wrists and ankles.


6 Signs your Sacral Chakra needs healing

  1. Painful menstruation, fibroids or lower back problems
  2. Injury or RSI to the wrists or ankles
  3. Dominant and controlling at work, when feeling out of control at home (or visa versa).
  4. Re-accruing challenges with neighbours, colleagues or friendships. Boundaries are few.
  5. Fear of being creative or sharing ideas
  6. Experience sexual shame or uncomfortable about sexuality.


Easy Healing Tips for the Sacral

  • Sing in the shower or sit by running water – waterfall or ocean and imagine it filling your lower back
  • Wear orange – especially around your hips and lower back
  • Get a large piece of paper and crayons or pastels and let your feelings be expressed in colour and markings.


SOLAR PLEXUS – Confidence. Courage. Determination.

Energise your confidence and passion for life with sunset gazing

There is nothing gentle about the Solar Plexus. It’s the fire in our belly! It is how we feel about everything, especially ourselves.

It is the centre of our inner power, confidence, self-esteem, courage, inner drive, enthusiasm. We feel we have the power to be effective and in control of our life.

It is also the centre of our intuition, clairsentience (psychic ability to feel) and gut instinct.

Located at the physical solar plexus, just beneath the diaphragm. It effects the solar plexus, liver, spleen, adrenals, nervous system, stomach, gall bladder, intestine, abdomen, digestive system, elbows and knees.


5 Signs your Solar Plexus needs healing

  1. Worry constantly and seeing the negative side of every situation.
  2. Digestive problems, knee and elbow injuries, adrenal fatigue.
  3. Easily feel fear, anger, frustration, resentment, depression,  manipulation, intolerant of self and others.
  4. Feel empowered when arguing or overpowering someone else.
  5. Taking the values of others as our own, feeling weak, helpless, depressed, withdrawn.


Solar Plexus Healing Tips

  • Burn lemon essential oil
  • Keep an journal and honestly express positive and negative feelings.
  • Watch the sunrise and / or sunset cross the horizon.


HEART CHAKRA –  Love. Compassion. Forgiveness.

Air is the element of the heart chakra

Our centre of love and forgiveness. When our heart is enriched with energy – compassion, empathy, kindness and forgiveness comes easily. It is the centre where we find inner peace   and in our environment. We hold a genuine love and caring for others, enjoy self love. We may feel a devotion to ourselves, those around us. We relate to our life as a journey that we lead with our hearts – sometimes called our path.  Love is given and received equally. Follow your heart’s desires, your path, inner freedom.

Located at the centre of the chest in line with Heart, it effects the physical heart, lungs, breasts, mid back, shoulders, shoulder blades, blood sugar levels, cholesterol.

Spiritual It is the centre of our chakras, where the lower chakras meet the upper chakras. Balancing our spiritual aspect (crown) with our practical, earthly lives (Base).


5 Signs your Heart may want extra love

  1. Heart conditions, high blood levels, cholesterol, diabetes, angina
  2. Experiencing deep sadness or grief.
  3. Unable to connect in loving, respectful relationships.
  4. Choose love partners that are harsh or lack compassionate.
  5. Feel apathetic about the future, feel stuck.


Easy Healing Tips for the Heart

  • Do at least one loving thing yourself each day.
  • Smell roses. Add a few drops of rose oil to your bath.
  • Wear pink or green.


THROAT CHAKRA – Expression. Truth. Ideas.

crown chakra- meditation spirituality

It is our centre of expression, communication, creativity, resonance, the voice, speaking your truth, healthy discussion, active listening, the ability to hear others. Expressing your creativity – dance, song, painting, the Arts.

Located at the throat beneath the Adams apple. It effects the throat, oesophagus, tonsils, tongue, gums, neck, ears, nose, mouth, sinuses, thyroid gland.

It is also the centre for our clairaudience, the ability to hear spiritual messages from our angels, spirit guides,loved ones and our inner guidance.


5 Signs your Throat Chakra needs healing

  1. Fear of speaking in groups or one on one.
  2. Recurring infections / inflammations in the throat. Neck injuries.
  3. Feeling or fearing judgement and rejection, hold back from expressing your feelings or ideas
  4. Talking over others and not able to listen to others.
  5. Verbal criticism of self & others.


 Throat Chakra Healing Tips

  • Sing
  • Drink lots of water. Wear blue cyan.
  • Journal ideas and feelings before sharing with others. Confide in a friend or counsellor

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Perspective. Possibilities. Choice.

third eye chakra views all positbilities and choice

How we view our world is effected by how clear our third eye is. When it’s balanced we are; open-minded, focused, able to see others point of view without the need to defend our own. We feel inspired. We see solutions to problems, see our whole self (including our darker side) as perfect. We have no judgement or criticism for ourselves or others. We trust our intuition. We experience clear and / or colourful visualisations.

The Third eye is the centre of our clairvoyance (the ability to see spiritual imagery), premonitions and dreams.

Located at the centre of forehead, it effects the brain, the brow, forehead, back of the head and pituitary gland.

5 Signs your Third Eye needs balancing

  1. Difficulty concentrating. Easily confused.
  2. Migraines and headaches.
  3. Difficulty seeing solutions to problems.
  4. Feel judged. Feel threatened by others opinions.
  5. Critical of ourselves and others.


Healing tips for the Third Eye

  • Keep a dream journal.
  • Practice mindfulness. Observe the finer details in your environment.
  • Keep an open mind to different possibilities.


CROWN CHAKRA – Spirituality. Wellbeing.

spirituality meditation

The Crown Chakra is the doorway to bring the love of your spirit in to your heart. Here, you feel at one with yourself and the world around you, needing nothing. When balance we release the need to over intellectualise, staying open to our higher source of knowledge and wisdom

Located at the top of your head, it effects the skull and hair.

The crown chakra is the connection to our spiritual wellbeing. It connects us to our spirit guides, angels, totem animals and all aspect of spiritual family.

When our Crown, Heart & Base chakras are in harmony, we open the doorway of spirit into the heart, following our hearts purpose on this earth plane in this lifetime.


3 Hints your Crown Chakra needs healing

  1. Over intellectualising.
  2. Feeling separation from your spirit.
  3. Disassociation from the body.
  4. Over intellectualising
  5. Rigid belief systems, spiritual cynicism.


Healing tips for the Crown

  • Meditate – try different styles to find the one that suits you.
  • Have fun asking your angels for a parking space on a regular basis.
  • Pick a daily oracle card.


  • Samantha Avery is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master Teacher practicing in Neutral Bay Health and Wellbeing. Samantha is passionate about supporting her clients emotional, mental and spiritual health to lead a life that in in line with their truth, happiness and fulfilment. She shares workshops and class on the Chakra system, Meditation, and Reiki Healing for beginners to advanced.

Just for a moment… Imagine that your body is your best friend!

It is easy for us to take the body that we live within, and that we in fact are, for granted. Our body and its functions can seem so automatic to us that we come to ignore it even when it starts to cry out for help in the form of pain or fatigue.

We put up with physical discomfort so often because ‘we have no time’ and defer addressing it indefinitely thinking that work and other responsibilities are so much more important.  It is only when these ‘cries for help’ become severe and chronic problems that many of us consider them worthy of any consideration.

If your closest friend told you that they were being pushed around and ignored in this way, you would probably think it was abusive.

Often people only come for massage treatment once their stress and discomfort have built to a point where they are already experiencing pain, numbness, chronic stiffness or tingling in the limbs. In these cases, I believe that a series of targeted massage treatments over a 4 week period can have a cumulative benefit which far exceeds that of the same treatments given intermittently.

Far from being merely a luxury, regular massage can be a very effective strategy to alleviate pain and accumulative fatigue in a stressful world.  Massage helps to prevent small physical discomfort from becoming chronic problems, while providing rejuvenation and boosting productivity, vitality and alertness. This in turn nourishes other aspects of our lives

Massage can help us to unclench from the stress response providing immediate results in a number of ways because it can be targeted during the session to affected areas. Massage can alleviate fatigue and tension from muscles while also assisting the release of toxins via the lymphatic system. It also improves blood circulation and digestion and regulates our breathing. The various massage traditions differ from each other in focus and emphasis but they can all enhance the functioning of these systems.

Massage is also an enjoyable way to reinforce a natural posture, increasing health and vital force.

So be kind to yourself and support your best friend with regular massage.

Catherine Allegade is an ATMS accredited remedial massage therapist specialised in a range of massage traditions.

A relationship with Nature.

The only waterfall immune to weather in Brazil and Argentina, the infamous "Devil's Throat." Credit: AirPano

The only waterfall immune to weather in Brazil and Argentina, the infamous “Devil’s Throat.”
Credit: AirPano

This morning I received this e-mail from my Dad, who knows my love for nature and photography, with a link to this amazing website that I have never heard about: AirPano!
He sent me the link of one of the over 200 famous locations of our planet – Iguasu Falls, Argentina-Brazil 360° Aerial Panoramas – (In 2011, Iguazu Falls was announced as one of the winners of the “New Seven Wonders of Nature.”), where I have never been, even being originally from Brazil.
AirPano is a not-for-profit project focused on high-resolution virtual tours from a bird’s eye view. It has already photographed over two hundred most interesting locations on our planet and it is the largest resource for 360° aerial panoramas in the world. Unlike viewing a traditional photograph limited by its frame, or watching a film that follows its director’s idea, a spherical panorama gives you a freedom of being on location, where you can turn around 360° and have a closer look at every detail.
I honestly fell in love with the images straight away; it brought me those feelings of freedom, joy and gratitude! It also made me reflect about the positive value of exposure to nature.
Our relationship with nature is a vital component of our wellbeing and of maintaining good health, and one often neglected due to the concerns of modern life. How many of us have taken a long walk in the woods, and felt soothed by the sound of the wind in the trees and the crisp smell of leaves? Who wouldn’t enjoy an evening watching the sunset at the beach, sand between the toes, with the rhythmic ocean waves lapping at the shore?
Experiencing these profound moments of peace, happiness, or wellness in the context of nature is a universal event, and demonstrates that contact with nature is an integral part of our well-being as humans.
I hope these amazing photographs got you excited about this wonderful world and all the beauty that surround us! Now, leave the computer, mobile phone or such and please go outside! It is a beautiful and sunny day, take a long walk at your local park, look around, smell the flowers, feel the breeze… Welcome the spring season and keep nurturing your relationship with nature!
X Caroline, from the reception desk!


Our body is our home.

Our body is our home.

It is the one place we are responsible for.

How we live, the relationships we experience, how we relate, where we work, eat etc. all determine the state of our home.

Our body is our map.

It tells us the stories we believe, the beliefs we hold and leads the way. It cries when it is in pain and it feels light and abundant when we experience love. It is always in constant communication with us, telling us where we stand in the realm of balance.

How comfortable or uncomfortable we are in our home determines our ability to experience allowing or limiting actions to bring about the changes we wish to be in our world.

Kinesiology is about homeostasis – balance – that being, our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual parts being in balance. It is about finding the sweet spot between all three. Where things just flow.

It is not a magic answer and it is not something you ‘receive’ but an offering of support where you are part of the process in bringing your body back home – back to balance – so you can hear your own answers and experience ease in your world.

The most common misconception I see is that we can ‘do it all’.

We forget that yes, while the world we live in presents us with many opportunities and yes, we are capable what is important to you and in what state are you are going to get there?

Joy and living a balanced life means different things to different people. For some, it is a top flying corporate career for others, joy is found in raising a family.

Above all, it is about finding what does it for you.

Whatever legend you are deciding to live, I implore you to be connected to the body that is your home. Hear the signals it is giving you.

Learning to listen to my body (Kinesiology) has been one of my greatest teachers; it has never led me astray.

It is time to get in tune with our home the wisdom within.


Article written by our Kinesiologist Amanda Schembri

Narelle Kennedy adds Kahuna Massage techniques and Reflexology to Remedial Massage

It’s always very inspiring for me when I attend courses to enhance my massage skills.

My most recent courses were Hawaiian massage for Remedial Massage Therapists and Hand Reflexology.

When I studied Foot Reflexology I decided there were many occasions whereby Hand Reflexology would have been a useful option.

I have received all of these treatments in the past and loved the results each time.

The long strokes and nurturing nature of Hawaiian massage, also known as Kahuna massage or Lomi Lomi, has a very therapeutic and long lasting effect.

This style of massage sends caring and healing energy to the person receiving it.

It enhances a remedial massage as it not only works on physical conditions, but also on the mind and spirit.

The body feels more balanced, tension is released and better circulation is achieved as the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems are stimulated.

To finish the treatment head and face massage is a soothing accompaniment.

I use other techniques including trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage if necessary for areas of the body that need more attention.

The feedback so far is that the clients feel taller as tension in the body is released.

At the same time the client feels very relaxed.

Reflexology has been part of ancient medical traditions in Egypt and China for thousands of years.

The theory is that there are 10 energy zones running through the body from head to toe and head to hand. Energy flows through these zones, also known as meridians.

Using Reflexology techniques in these zones will stimulate an organ or gland in the same zone.

Among the many added benefits the treatment improves blood flow throughout the body.

Reflexology also induces a state of deep relaxation and improved body function.

If a client has a foot injury, Hand Reflexology is the best alternative to Foot Reflexology and will achieve the same benefits.

Clients who are elderly, or have sensitive feet and other foot problems would enjoy the soothing effects of this type of treatment.


These treatments are available with Narelle Kennedy

DRM, Cert. Reflexology, Nutrition, Reiki.

Is there a Workplace Bully in your office?

Corporate banker, Emma Osborne, started to hate going to work.

She would go to bed Sunday night dreading the first day back at work and wake up feeling anxious about what lay ahead.

Emma is one of many Australians to experience workplace bullying. She never knew what form it would take, but was aware that for the last couple of years a senior colleague had progressively worn her down, making her feel that she could never do anything right.

Typically this colleague would pick her to be included in a team for projects and then sit next to her in the open plan office, looking over her shoulder and constantly checking and criticising her work throughout the day.

The colleague would undermine her decisions in front of co-workers, steal the credit for work she did, and try to sabotage her efforts at every turn.

How bullying affected Emma

When Emma came to see me she was drained of energy and confidence.

She had come to believe there must be something wrong with her! I told her that this is a common reaction among people who have been bullied for a period of time – it’s because bullying breaks down a person’s resistance and they start to feel more and more inadequate in every aspect of their life. This in turn often makes them a target for more bullying.

Confidence restored

Within a couple of weeks of working together, Emma had gained the confidence to report the bullying to her workplace.

The happy end result was that the bully was removed from her post and Emma took up a promotion, removing her from the presence of the bully and bringing fulfilment back to her work and life. She made extraordinary progress because she was able to learn to clear her old beliefs that she wasn’t good enough and replace them with a new strength and energy to turn her life around.

Anti bullying techniques

If you’ve been bullied, you’ll know that it takes a lot of energy and emotion to stand up for yourself.

So this is what I work on with clients – building their emotional, psychological and spiritual energy to put them in a position of strength. Often people think they don’t have a choice; that they must put up with being picked on because it’s out of their control.

The reality is that you do have a choice. Here are some of the techniques I use to show clients that they have the right not to be bullied.

1) Understand your rights. Universal law states that nothing can happen to your energy unless you allow it. State your boundaries: “I do not allow negative people to affect my energy”. The bully will sense this and initially try harder to catch you off guard but with regular practice, your statement will build up your resistance.

2) Clear your energy of bully toxins. When under attack, energetic cords are created from the attacker to the victim. Each day imagine cutting these cords with a samurai sword – removing all connections.

3) Don’t allow the bully to take your power. Bullies are insecure, and like vampires they drain their victims dry to feel better about themselves. Allowing the bully to take your power is not only disempowering you, but also the bully, for they will never experience true strength of their own.

4) Strengthen your boundaries. Keep your energy clear and strengthen your resistance. Each day use a simple, yet powerful breathing technique to clear and strengthen your energetic boundary, such as the Auric Cleanse & Energiser.

5) Strengthen your resolve. Know what your weaknesses are and strengthen them. Bullies press your weak buttons. What positive action is this situation forcing you to address?

Article written by Samantha Avery

Samantha Avery is a Sydney Reiki Master, psychic and clairvoyant. She has helped many clients overcome issues of workplace bullying using holistic treatments like Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, energy healings and relaxation. She is available to help you.

Call the Centre to make an appointment on 9953 8503.

Self-compassion brings greater wellbeing

Margaret Madden pic

  • How active is your inner critic?
  • Are you conscious of the negative stories you may be telling yourself?

Learn to break free from self-judgments and grow self compassion.

Talk with Margaret

Through counselling, psychotherapy and meditation, Margaret Madden offers you an opportunity to break free from the habitual negative thought patterns of the mind. 



“The negative stories we tell ourselves can cause us suffering and keep us stuck.   These stories are very narrow and unforgiving. Often they have been practiced uncensored for many years and are experienced as very real to us,” said Margaret.

She encourages clients to develop an inner peace and create a new story of support, care and compassion for themselves which is vital for both the client’s wellbeing and their relationship with others.   

“Self-compassion is a vital key in reducing self-criticism and self-judgments. It is beneficial in building self esteem and managing depression.”  

Call the Centre on 9953 8503 to book a session with Margaret.