Self-compassion brings greater wellbeing

Margaret Madden pic

  • How active is your inner critic?
  • Are you conscious of the negative stories you may be telling yourself?

Learn to break free from self-judgments and grow self compassion.

Talk with Margaret

Through counselling, psychotherapy and meditation, Margaret Madden offers you an opportunity to break free from the habitual negative thought patterns of the mind. 



“The negative stories we tell ourselves can cause us suffering and keep us stuck.   These stories are very narrow and unforgiving. Often they have been practiced uncensored for many years and are experienced as very real to us,” said Margaret.

She encourages clients to develop an inner peace and create a new story of support, care and compassion for themselves which is vital for both the client’s wellbeing and their relationship with others.   

“Self-compassion is a vital key in reducing self-criticism and self-judgments. It is beneficial in building self esteem and managing depression.”  

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