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Is there a Workplace Bully in your office?

Corporate banker, Emma Osborne, started to hate going to work.

She would go to bed Sunday night dreading the first day back at work and wake up feeling anxious about what lay ahead.

Emma is one of many Australians to experience workplace bullying. She never knew what form it would take, but was aware that for the last couple of years a senior colleague had progressively worn her down, making her feel that she could never do anything right.

Typically this colleague would pick her to be included in a team for projects and then sit next to her in the open plan office, looking over her shoulder and constantly checking and criticising her work throughout the day.

The colleague would undermine her decisions in front of co-workers, steal the credit for work she did, and try to sabotage her efforts at every turn.

How bullying affected Emma

When Emma came to see me she was drained of energy and confidence.

She had come to believe there must be something wrong with her! I told her that this is a common reaction among people who have been bullied for a period of time – it’s because bullying breaks down a person’s resistance and they start to feel more and more inadequate in every aspect of their life. This in turn often makes them a target for more bullying.

Confidence restored

Within a couple of weeks of working together, Emma had gained the confidence to report the bullying to her workplace.

The happy end result was that the bully was removed from her post and Emma took up a promotion, removing her from the presence of the bully and bringing fulfilment back to her work and life. She made extraordinary progress because she was able to learn to clear her old beliefs that she wasn’t good enough and replace them with a new strength and energy to turn her life around.

Anti bullying techniques

If you’ve been bullied, you’ll know that it takes a lot of energy and emotion to stand up for yourself.

So this is what I work on with clients – building their emotional, psychological and spiritual energy to put them in a position of strength. Often people think they don’t have a choice; that they must put up with being picked on because it’s out of their control.

The reality is that you do have a choice. Here are some of the techniques I use to show clients that they have the right not to be bullied.

1) Understand your rights. Universal law states that nothing can happen to your energy unless you allow it. State your boundaries: “I do not allow negative people to affect my energy”. The bully will sense this and initially try harder to catch you off guard but with regular practice, your statement will build up your resistance.

2) Clear your energy of bully toxins. When under attack, energetic cords are created from the attacker to the victim. Each day imagine cutting these cords with a samurai sword – removing all connections.

3) Don’t allow the bully to take your power. Bullies are insecure, and like vampires they drain their victims dry to feel better about themselves. Allowing the bully to take your power is not only disempowering you, but also the bully, for they will never experience true strength of their own.

4) Strengthen your boundaries. Keep your energy clear and strengthen your resistance. Each day use a simple, yet powerful breathing technique to clear and strengthen your energetic boundary, such as the Auric Cleanse & Energiser.

5) Strengthen your resolve. Know what your weaknesses are and strengthen them. Bullies press your weak buttons. What positive action is this situation forcing you to address?

Article written by Samantha Avery

Samantha Avery is a Sydney Reiki Master, psychic and clairvoyant. She has helped many clients overcome issues of workplace bullying using holistic treatments like Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, energy healings and relaxation. She is available to help you.

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