Be Free… Unlock the Wisdom of Your Chakras

Be Free… Unlock the Wisdom of Your Chakras

Chakras are the main energy centres of our body, thoughts and feelings.. Each chakra stimulates specific parts of the body and impacts our outlook on life. We can nourish and support these in many ways


Our natural state of being is perfect health, happiness and harmony.

When our chakras are in perfect balance life is fun, joyful, stress and worry free. We may feel like we are flowing with  life, rather than pushing against the tide. When life throughs challenges on our path the chakras can be pushed and pulled. That’s when it is time to energise them and get back on track.

The chakras are recognised across many cultures and practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki and energy healing. These chakras are energy vortexes that can be seen and felt by people utilising their clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities.

Lets look at the 7 major chakras, what they represent and how you can support them.


BASE CHAKRA – Home. Money. Family.

Connect to nature strengthens a sense of saftey

A healthy base chakra helps us to feel safe in our life choices.

It relates to our thoughts and feelings about family, work, money, home – our fundamental needs. When these areas are healthy and feel supported, the base chakra is balanced. We may feel at secure, able to create an abundant life that meets our financial and material needs and desires. We trust people and trust the world. Our physical health is good. The bond with our family is strong. We enjoy a healthy connection to humanity and community. We are doing a job that we enjoy. We gain a true sense of  belonging to our environment and the world. The Base Chakra is positioned at the perineum / tail bone.

5 Signs your Base Chakra needs healing

  1. Disputes with family, property and money.
  2. Challenges obtaining work, dissatisfaction in your current role, or ambition driven by fear.
  3. An inability to focus, poor discipline, lethargic.
  4. Restlessness, escapism, moving or travelling frequently.
  5. IBS, over eating, addiction to material security, greed & hoarding.

Easy Healing Tips for the Base

  • Connect with the Earth, Garden without gloves. Get your fingers into the soil.
  • Take off your shoes and socks and squeeze your toes in the mud!
  • Address any financial concerns.
  • Connect with family in healthy ways that support you.

SACRAL CHAKRA – Creativity. Sensuality. Boundaries.

water is the elementof the sacral chakra

When the sacral chakra is strong, we enjoy good relationships with friends, colleagues and neighbours. We are comfortable in our sensuality and creativity. We may find it easy to let go of the need to hold on to or control situations. We feel free to have fun, experience joy. We are comfortable receiving from others and practice the ability to give to oneself without guilt.  It is the home of our confident, sexual expression.

It is ethereally located four finger widths below belly button. It effects the lower intestine, kidney, bladder, female reproductive system, lower back, sacrum, pelvis, wrists and ankles.


6 Signs your Sacral Chakra needs healing

  1. Painful menstruation, fibroids or lower back problems
  2. Injury or RSI to the wrists or ankles
  3. Dominant and controlling at work, when feeling out of control at home (or visa versa).
  4. Re-accruing challenges with neighbours, colleagues or friendships. Boundaries are few.
  5. Fear of being creative or sharing ideas
  6. Experience sexual shame or uncomfortable about sexuality.


Easy Healing Tips for the Sacral

  • Sing in the shower or sit by running water – waterfall or ocean and imagine it filling your lower back
  • Wear orange – especially around your hips and lower back
  • Get a large piece of paper and crayons or pastels and let your feelings be expressed in colour and markings.


SOLAR PLEXUS – Confidence. Courage. Determination.

Energise your confidence and passion for life with sunset gazing

There is nothing gentle about the Solar Plexus. It’s the fire in our belly! It is how we feel about everything, especially ourselves.

It is the centre of our inner power, confidence, self-esteem, courage, inner drive, enthusiasm. We feel we have the power to be effective and in control of our life.

It is also the centre of our intuition, clairsentience (psychic ability to feel) and gut instinct.

Located at the physical solar plexus, just beneath the diaphragm. It effects the solar plexus, liver, spleen, adrenals, nervous system, stomach, gall bladder, intestine, abdomen, digestive system, elbows and knees.


5 Signs your Solar Plexus needs healing

  1. Worry constantly and seeing the negative side of every situation.
  2. Digestive problems, knee and elbow injuries, adrenal fatigue.
  3. Easily feel fear, anger, frustration, resentment, depression,  manipulation, intolerant of self and others.
  4. Feel empowered when arguing or overpowering someone else.
  5. Taking the values of others as our own, feeling weak, helpless, depressed, withdrawn.


Solar Plexus Healing Tips

  • Burn lemon essential oil
  • Keep an journal and honestly express positive and negative feelings.
  • Watch the sunrise and / or sunset cross the horizon.


HEART CHAKRA –  Love. Compassion. Forgiveness.

Air is the element of the heart chakra

Our centre of love and forgiveness. When our heart is enriched with energy – compassion, empathy, kindness and forgiveness comes easily. It is the centre where we find inner peace   and in our environment. We hold a genuine love and caring for others, enjoy self love. We may feel a devotion to ourselves, those around us. We relate to our life as a journey that we lead with our hearts – sometimes called our path.  Love is given and received equally. Follow your heart’s desires, your path, inner freedom.

Located at the centre of the chest in line with Heart, it effects the physical heart, lungs, breasts, mid back, shoulders, shoulder blades, blood sugar levels, cholesterol.

Spiritual It is the centre of our chakras, where the lower chakras meet the upper chakras. Balancing our spiritual aspect (crown) with our practical, earthly lives (Base).


5 Signs your Heart may want extra love

  1. Heart conditions, high blood levels, cholesterol, diabetes, angina
  2. Experiencing deep sadness or grief.
  3. Unable to connect in loving, respectful relationships.
  4. Choose love partners that are harsh or lack compassionate.
  5. Feel apathetic about the future, feel stuck.


Easy Healing Tips for the Heart

  • Do at least one loving thing yourself each day.
  • Smell roses. Add a few drops of rose oil to your bath.
  • Wear pink or green.


THROAT CHAKRA – Expression. Truth. Ideas.

crown chakra- meditation spirituality

It is our centre of expression, communication, creativity, resonance, the voice, speaking your truth, healthy discussion, active listening, the ability to hear others. Expressing your creativity – dance, song, painting, the Arts.

Located at the throat beneath the Adams apple. It effects the throat, oesophagus, tonsils, tongue, gums, neck, ears, nose, mouth, sinuses, thyroid gland.

It is also the centre for our clairaudience, the ability to hear spiritual messages from our angels, spirit guides,loved ones and our inner guidance.


5 Signs your Throat Chakra needs healing

  1. Fear of speaking in groups or one on one.
  2. Recurring infections / inflammations in the throat. Neck injuries.
  3. Feeling or fearing judgement and rejection, hold back from expressing your feelings or ideas
  4. Talking over others and not able to listen to others.
  5. Verbal criticism of self & others.


 Throat Chakra Healing Tips

  • Sing
  • Drink lots of water. Wear blue cyan.
  • Journal ideas and feelings before sharing with others. Confide in a friend or counsellor

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Perspective. Possibilities. Choice.

third eye chakra views all positbilities and choice

How we view our world is effected by how clear our third eye is. When it’s balanced we are; open-minded, focused, able to see others point of view without the need to defend our own. We feel inspired. We see solutions to problems, see our whole self (including our darker side) as perfect. We have no judgement or criticism for ourselves or others. We trust our intuition. We experience clear and / or colourful visualisations.

The Third eye is the centre of our clairvoyance (the ability to see spiritual imagery), premonitions and dreams.

Located at the centre of forehead, it effects the brain, the brow, forehead, back of the head and pituitary gland.

5 Signs your Third Eye needs balancing

  1. Difficulty concentrating. Easily confused.
  2. Migraines and headaches.
  3. Difficulty seeing solutions to problems.
  4. Feel judged. Feel threatened by others opinions.
  5. Critical of ourselves and others.


Healing tips for the Third Eye

  • Keep a dream journal.
  • Practice mindfulness. Observe the finer details in your environment.
  • Keep an open mind to different possibilities.


CROWN CHAKRA – Spirituality. Wellbeing.

spirituality meditation

The Crown Chakra is the doorway to bring the love of your spirit in to your heart. Here, you feel at one with yourself and the world around you, needing nothing. When balance we release the need to over intellectualise, staying open to our higher source of knowledge and wisdom

Located at the top of your head, it effects the skull and hair.

The crown chakra is the connection to our spiritual wellbeing. It connects us to our spirit guides, angels, totem animals and all aspect of spiritual family.

When our Crown, Heart & Base chakras are in harmony, we open the doorway of spirit into the heart, following our hearts purpose on this earth plane in this lifetime.


3 Hints your Crown Chakra needs healing

  1. Over intellectualising.
  2. Feeling separation from your spirit.
  3. Disassociation from the body.
  4. Over intellectualising
  5. Rigid belief systems, spiritual cynicism.


Healing tips for the Crown

  • Meditate – try different styles to find the one that suits you.
  • Have fun asking your angels for a parking space on a regular basis.
  • Pick a daily oracle card.


  • Samantha Avery is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master Teacher practicing in Neutral Bay Health and Wellbeing. Samantha is passionate about supporting her clients emotional, mental and spiritual health to lead a life that in in line with their truth, happiness and fulfilment. She shares workshops and class on the Chakra system, Meditation, and Reiki Healing for beginners to advanced.