Dr. Rati M Howley


Rati Monique Howley, B. App. Sc (Osteo) Master of Osteopathy, practiced various forms of natural therapies for many years, before becoming an Osteopath and has been a registered osteopath since 2010.

Rati has practiced Osteopathy at Neutral Bay Health and Wellbeing for over six years.

As an Osteopath, Rati focuses on how the body functions as a whole organism, ‘connecting the dots’ of the various symptoms being experienced, in order to make sense of and alleviate them.

She enjoys treating patients of all ages with a particular interest in children.

Postural correction and ProKinetics™®

Rati addresses postural correction and is trained in the assessment and fitting of ProKinetics™® posture control insoles, which have shown consistent results in helping the body to better align itself.

Rati is particularly interested in fitting children, teenagers and pregnant women. In addition, anyone from age 6 to 96 can potentially benefit from the insoles!

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

  • B.App.Sc (Osteo) Master of Osteopathy
  • Registered with the AHPRA
  • Member of Osteopathy Australia
  • Oro facial myofunctional therapy
  • Dip. Massage Therapy
  • Dip. Zen Shiatsu Therapy
  • Cert. Somatic Shiatsu Therapy
  • Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy 1 and 2
  • Somato Emotional Release 1 and 2
  • Touch for Health 1 and 2
  • Kinergy (now Kinergetics) 1 and 2
  • Reiki 1 and 2

To make an appointment outside reception hours please contact Rati directly on 0400 841 553 or email rati_osteo@icloud.com