Margaret Madden

Counselling, Reiki

Margaret has worked at Neutral Bay Health and Wellbeing since September 2001 using a wide range of holistic modalities to support her clients.

She has worked extensively in crisis situations and has run cancer support groups in two major teaching hospitals in Sydney.

Margaret Madden offers a range of meditation, relaxation and Reiki sessions which assist you to find balance and peace in your life.

Explore your potential for growth

Her counselling / psychotherapy provides strategies on your journey towards supporting yourself. It is particularly valuable if you would like to:

  • improve your anxiety and stress management
  • reduce your symptoms of depression
  • support yourself emotionally
  • improve your self esteem
  • resolve old patterns of thought and behaviour
  • develop skills in meditation and relaxation
  • enjoy your life more fully

She focuses on helping you make positive changes in your life and works closely with you so every session is designed to meet your needs.

Margaret offers both general relaxation and meditation classes – as well as individual counselling and Reiki sessions.


  • Masters Degree in Counselling
  • Bachelor in Social Work
  • Diploma in Transactional Analysis (Psychotherapy).
  • Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Member of Reiki Practitioners & Masters Association

Margaret is also a member of AASW, ATAA and AABCAP and follows a strict code of ethics.

As Margaret says

The aim of therapy is to help you discover parts of your life that you are not living, and to give you the opportunity to decide if you would like to live that part of your life. These parts can be the beautiful gold that is inside.

We can re-author our lives in a way that supports us to live with greater ease and improve our interactions with others.

In the words of her clients

“As a practising health professional my expectations of finding a suitable counsellor was extremely high so when I was experiencing some personal issues my search began. I feel very grateful that I discovered Margaret over 13 years ago as she has helped me to navigate life’s challenges and also support me in developing effective strategies to manage my depression and anxiety , so that I can enjoy my career, family and motherhood. Her approach is non-judgemental and nurturing and I believe she is incredibly skilled to make a difference in people’s life’s.” ~ Melinda

“Margaret is a born counsellor, effectively combining professionalism with a warm and comforting demeanour. Over many years, I have enjoyed and been enriched from attending many of Margaret’s meditation/relaxation classes, Reiki and counselling sessions. Margaret’s name and services are also acknowledged, respected and recommended amongst GP’s and psychologists. I highly recommend Margaret’s excellent services.”  ~Irene

“Margaret radiates an infinite supply of kindness and warmth. She is patient, understanding and caring. Margaret has a genuine drive to help others in anyway she possibly can. She is a wonderful human being and I am grateful to have (have had) her guidance.”  ~ Kendall

“Coming to see Margaret has changed my life. She has helped me change destructive patterns of behaviour and negative self talk – while building a quiet and resilient inner-confidence which I once thought was impossible. Through counselling, meditation and reiki, I am now living a life free of fears, of a low self esteem, and toxic relationships. I now have the confidence and clarity to deal with my thoughts and reactions when emotional times come my way. Margaret is very understanding, compassionate and warm, yet challenges you in the right areas and with a respectful touch to help change damaging patterns of thought. Every session is well worth it. I highly recommend her.” ~ Jane

“Thanks to the wisdom and discernment of a respected doctor friend, I met Margaret Madden, a highly skilled and wonderful practitioner, who has supported me through many significant personal, professional and health challenges. Margaret is a consummate and compassionate professional. My appointments with Margaret remain absolute highlights in my life calendar!” ~ Client

“Margaret’s counselling skills are impressive.” ~ Michael Friedlander, Professor of Medicine, Institute of Oncology, Prince of Wales Hospital

“Seeing Margaret was one of the best decisions I ever made. Through my sessions with her I have grown incredibly and learnt strategies to manage my emotions and work through difficult times in a positive way. Life would be VERY different today, had it not been for Margaret’s guidance, warmth and unconditional and holistic support. Even when I moved interstate I chose to visit Sydney just for sessions with her. If you are hesitant to start counselling like I once was, go to the Neutral Bay Health and Well Being clinic and ask for Margaret. You won’t regret it.” ~ Name Withheld at client’s request