About our Clinic

We are a Wellness Chiropractic clinic whose aim is to promote Health and Balance in your life. It is a home to accredited practitioners of all modalities who work together with you on your journey to optimum health and wellbeing

Our patients are our first priority and we provide exceptional treatment and care specific to their health care needs.

As Chiropractors we use a vast array of techniques and look for the source of dysfunction not just the symptom, working alongside other practitioners to facilitate the best outcome for our patients in a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare -this is what makes our practice so unique. We assess the body as a whole, and focus on what is referred to as “the triad of health”:

  • Structural – Correct alignment in the body with unhindered movement
  • Biochemical – Chemical balance within the body; digestion, good nutrition and hormonal balance.
  • Emotional – Our interactions and response to stress in our lives

These 3 factors are influential in maintaining health and balance in our lives, each affecting the functioning of the other. By using our kinesiology assessments, neurological testing, to source the nutritional, structural or emotional trigger we address the root cause of the dysfunction, and work with other health care providers including specialist GP’s, dentists and physiotherapist to heal both acute and chronic conditions from within.

We are highly skilled professionals and trained in the safest and most effective treatment to help you achieve all your health care goals.

Our Philosophy  

We believe in a wellness based healthcare system that focuses on maintaining and restoring the optimum function of the nervous system.

In this quiet nurturing space, there is time to breathe, destress and utilise the exceptional services of a friendly team, who will suggest the best way forward for you.

Our team will facilitate your healing by providing you with an empowered and informed choice of treatment options that best suit you.

Techniques and treatment modalities used at the clinic include:

Choosing to live a healthy life is one of the best things you can do for yourself